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Find Out More about Reduced Tuition at Wyoming Seminary

We are pleased to share that the University has recently solidified the continuation of our limited tuition reciprocity agreement with Wyoming Seminary.  Through this plan, the University offers 50% tuition reduction for the dependent sons and daughters of full-time University employees who attend Wyoming Seminary Lower and Upper Schools.

All full time employees whose children will be attending Wyoming Seminary in Fall 2017 should email your request for tuition reduction to Romaine.Szafran@wilkes.edu by Monday, April 10, 2017.  Please be sure to include the dependent’s name and grade level for Fall 2017.

For your convenience, some FAQ’s about the Wilkes University/Wyoming Seminary Reciprocal Tuition Agreement can be found below:





Who is eligible for this program?

Dependent children* of all full time employees following successful completion of the probationary period

What does this program assure?

One-half (50%) of the total tuition per academic year

Does this program cover both the lower and upper schools?


Is additional financial aid available?

Financial aid and/or scholarships may be available and coordinated through Wyoming Seminary 

Are any Pre-Kindergarten programs included?


Are fees, books or any other charges covered?

No, the agreement includes tuition only.

Who should I contact first?

The Admissions Office at Wyoming Seminary where dependent children must first apply and be accepted to the school.

Is enrollment at Wyoming Seminary guaranteed?

No.  Dependent children are not guaranteed admission.  If/when admitted Wyoming Seminary’s standards must be upheld for the continuation of this program.

Do I need to provide any information to the University?

Yes.  Prior to the start of each academic year, the Human Resources Department will notify employees when information is required.

After my child is admitted, will I be required to provide Wyoming Seminary with any information related to this program?

No.  The Human Resources Department will provide the required information to Wyoming Seminary.

* Dependent children are defined by Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended

If you have any additional questions regarding this benefit, please contact Romaine Szafran, Human Resource Assistant at romaine.szafran@wilkes.edu or Julie Bean, Dean of Admission at Wyoming Seminary at jbean@wyomingseminary.org or Joseph Rovelli, Director of Financial Aid  jrovelli@wyomingseminary.org.