Wilkes University


Kudos to Professor Arora

IEEE-EDS delegated Professor Vijay K. Arora to give the distinguished lectures to its Pikes Peak Chapter in Colorado as a part of the Distinguished Lecture (DL) Program. 

With chapters interspersed all over the globe, Professor Arora is uniquely qualified to take out the value of three initiatives being implemented at Wilkes University:  Nanotechnology, Bio-Engineering, and 3D manufacturing to STEAM the future of students.  STEAM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, is the reincarnation of traditional liberal arts: Astronomy, Arithmetic, Geometry, and Music (Quadrivium); Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric (Trivium) and is highly touted among American strategic planners as a way to prop up the workforce in a 
Competitive Global Economy

Professor Arora’s maiden lecture entitled 
Ohm to Arora: A New Paradigm for Nanoscale Devices and Circuits initiated the process of building bridges through amalgamation of engineering, science, and liberal arts, moving on to stochastic processes in engineering systems by the application of Non-Equilibrium Arora’s Distribution Function (NEADF) to take one from 20th Century micro- to 21stCentury nano-electronics, emphasizing the bio invasion of STEAM. This DL was delivered at the Colorado Springs campus of the University of Colorado under the backdrop of the Garden of the Gods overlooking Pikes Peak under whose milieu the IEEE-EDS chapter is named. 

At the downtown Denver campus of the University of Colorado, the aspirations of the NEADF were repeated in a lecture entitled “Quantum Nanoengineering,” to fire the spirit of nanotechnology.  The lecture was given on March 7, 2017.  The Colorado Springs DL was repeated at Colorado School of Mines which continued to be premium school in mining and petroleum technologies and is home of the Renewable Energy Center of the National Science Foundation.  Here, the extensive discussion aligned Cold Fusion wave of the 80’s to current solar energy wave for energy harvesting. 

At Colorado State University on March 10, the discussion centered on cheating in the examinations using wi fi devices and how this could be monitored and documented so university can maintain its reputation. 

The final lecture was given at the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado, situated  at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, on March 13, 2017. Here, Professor Arora had an extensive dialog with Frank Barnes, ex-Chair of Electrical Engineering and now Distinguished Professor Emeritus on transitions between 70’s and now as we face increasingly diverse educational environments and with that the aspirations of funding agencies, government, and strategic planners.