Wilkes University


Win a Trip FROM France - Host a Student in August

Always wanted to go (or go back) to France? What if France came to YOU this summer?

Here are a few details:

The program, called Horizons du Monde, is an International Educational Travel experience for students from France. Horizons du Monde is a French State Accredited Tour and Travel Agency that brings students to the United States (and other countries) for cultural and educational experiences. 

This program is for students 10-19 years of age. Students from France will participate in English language classes and visit numerous regional sites of cultural and educational interest.

Host families get to share an American way of life with their guests. Families are responsible for nightly housing, meals when the students are in town, and local transportation. Host families do NOT need to know a single word of French.

Dates of the program are August 3 to 23, 2017.

CONTACT: Amy Kuiken at amy.kuiken@wilkes.edu before she contacts you