Wilkes University


New Employee Parking Permits Available Starting July 31

The Department of Public Safety continues to examine opportunities to provide our campus with efficient parking services. A common complaint received over the years dealt with the hanging permit. For many cars, it was difficult to hang the permit on the rearview mirror. It had to be taken down while driving and some forgot to display the permit when they parked. The plastic material the permits were printed on often cracked and broke from exposure to the sun. Such incidents required time away from work to request a new permit and/or appeal a citation.

To address these issues, new parking permits were researched, designed and purchased. The new color cling permits are easy to place inside your car and proudly display the Wilkes University logo. Temporary parking permits may be obtained if you need to bring a different car to campus. These permits may be obtained at Public Safety or by emailing parking@wilkes.edu. There is no additional cost for the new parking permit.

Beginning July 31, 2017, new parking permits will be issued to Faculty/Staff members. The hanging permit will be discontinued on August 28, 2017 and may be destroyed once you receive your new permit. We ask that you visit the Department of Public Safety on South Main Street between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, to pick up your new parking permit. To ensure we have the most recent vehicle information, please fill out the attached Employee Parking Permit Application and bring it with you. 

Please call our Parking Coordinator, Janis Sekera, at 570-408-7275 if you need further assistance or have questions. Thank you in advance for your assistance in our transition to a better permit system.