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Congratulations to Professor Arora

Professor Dr. Vijay K. Arora, Department of Electrical Engineering and Physics, took an alternative Christmas Break on an IEEE-EDS distinguished lecture tour to the University of Colorado, Aurora Scientific Academy, Amity University, and Delhi University to give lectures on a variety of topics.

Professor Arora at his Alma Mater the University of Colorado  on December 16-17 attended the commencement ceremonies both at the Boulder and Denver campuses.  He had an exchange of ideas with Dr. Robert R. McLeod, Chair Electrical Engineering, on values and virtues of Nanoelecronics Research as documented in his recently released book on Nanoelectronics that is published by the CRC Press.  The possibility of initiating EDS Chapter in Denver area was explored.  Professor Arora is the Vice-Chair of Regions 1-7 to explore possibilities of collaborations through IEEE an umbrella global organization comprising 40 societies and forums.  IEEE stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which is headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey with worldwide regions, sections, and society chapters.  EDS, the Electron Devices Society, is one of its constituents. 

Professor Arora travelled from Denver to Hyderabad, one of the silicon valleys of India and known as IT hub in nearby Cyberabad,  to give one-day Nanoelectronics Workshop on December 21 preceding the First International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICRIEAT2016) 22 -23 December 2016  by the Aurora's Scientific, Technological and  Research Academy.  In the opening session of the Workshop, IEEE Hyderabad Section and EDS Chapter chairs introduced Professor Arora and the IEEE-EDS to the audience in presenting mission, vision, and values of belonging to an elite organization.  Professor Arora gave a couple of keynotes on Recent Innovations in Nanoelectronics and chaired a number of sessions of the ICRIEAT2016.  In addition to the technical program, the conference organizers arranged a city tour of Hyderabad for outside participants.  The tour was followed by a little reprieve to take a safari in Pench Tiger Reserve near Nagpur. 

This was followed by two-weeks (January 2-13, 2017) Distinguished Honorary Professor visit to Amity University, NOIDA, on the outskirts of Delhi. A number of possibilities were explored on student exchanges and research collaborations in a planned online Research Workshop on Nanoelectronics.  The aspirations and inspirations of the Washington Accord  (WA) were discussed as India prepares to develop its assessment plan for Outcome Based Education (OBE) .  The Accord is consortium of 18 countries with a vision to globalize education.  United States is represented in the Accord by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology that accredits Wilkes engineering programs. China is the youngest entrant to the Accord.  Dr. Arora’s paper entitled  “OBE and WA: Understanding the Paradigm Shift on Knowledge Delivery and Management,” given  at NITTTR Bhopal in January 2012  paved the way for India and Sri Lanka admitted into the Accord in 2014. In a recent paper entitled “Life-Long Education for the Global Workforce in the Socio-Engineering Age,” Professor Arora expanded OBE/WA to embrace all disciplines.

The tour concluded with a lecture on Publish and Flourish: Art, Craft, and Sportsmanship of Publishing in Scholarly Journals given at Amity University on January 4 and at the University of Delhi on January 13, returning to Wilkes University on January 14, in time to start the Spring 2017 Semester.   The theme of the Publish and Flourish was Inspiring Minds for Creativity and Innovation. Professor Arora wishes the University community Happy New Year of 2017 as the World outside the U. S. A. is anxiously  awaiting  for Donald Trump to take over the Presidency of these United States of America.  India’s IT firms are anxiously waiting to see the impact of H1 visas on the global economy as U. S. Congress and President decide the fate of immigration and outsourcing.

Professor Arora can be contacted at vijay.arora@wilkes.edu for more information.