Wilkes University


Be an IEP Conversation Partner

The IEP Conversation Partner program provides Wilkes University students, faculty and staff the opportunity to get to know someone from another country.  It offers the opportunity to learn about another culture and to help an international student learn about the American culture. It also gives Wilkes University international students studying in the intensive English Program (IEP) a chance to practice their English. The Conversation Partner program is a great opportunity to spend one or more hours a week learning about each other’s cultures and making new friends. Your international partner does not expect you to entertain him/her, but just to be a conversational friend. You do not always have to make special plans for your partner’s benefit, but just include him/her in some of your usual activities.

The conversation partners determine the time and location of their meetings. Students are expected to meet in public places (anywhere on campus or in Wilkes-Barre), visit cultural events (concerts, plays, exhibitions), go to a sports event, etc.

Some Suggested Activities:

  • Meet for coffee;
  • Eat lunch on campus together;
  • Ask your partner to teach you to cook some of his/her native food;
  • Invite your partner to join you and your friends for an activity;
  • Go to a Wilkes sporting event.

This is a great way to expand your cultural awareness, have fun and enjoy getting to know someone from another country  Contact Dr. Kimberly Niezgoda at kimberly.niezgoda@wilkes.edu to sign up.