Wilkes University


Pharmacy Student Declaration of Second Major/Minor/Concentration

Dear Student Pharmacists: While registration is on everyone's mind, now is a good time to consider if a concentration/minor/dual degree (2nd major or MBA) is right for you. More information on these opportunities are available from your advisor and by checking
out the webpage https://www.wilkes.edu/academics/colleges/nesbitt-school-of-pharmacy/program-information/dual-degrees-concentrations-and-minors/.  If you are planning on pursuing one of these above opportunities, please complete this quick google form for our records https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc-cnUOEw2tmtoHhQ2dQAtW_A7n0Iy6_8_G84GaXZCFuqXvsw/viewform) no later than 5/1/2019. Official declaration of a minor or concentration or major is submitted to the registrar using forms located at the following webpage: https://www.wilkes.edu/academics/office-of-the-registrar-recorder/forms/index.aspx.  Please note that students pursuing the PharmD-MBA should work with Ms Karen Alessi (karen.alessi@wilkes.edu) directly for admission and advising questions and documentation via the
registrar. Any questions? Please see your advisor or contact Dr Malinowski.
Thank you!