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Grant opportunity

Dear Pharmacy Owner:
As a pharmacy owner, you have elected for several years to be part of the PPA Special Interest Group. One of the purposes of this group is to perpetuate interest in independent pharmacy ownership through and to pharmacy students. For about ten years now, the SIG has sponsored up to four scholarships to students to attend the NCPA convention and get exposed to some of the exciting things happening.

In order to award these scholarships, we need a small group of owners to volunteer to review the applications. This year, those we have already asked have turned Rachel down. Now I know you are all busy but can't you please find a few minutes to review the applications we receive and score them.
We typically receive about 8 to 12 applications - although this year we have only received 1 so far. The deadline is August 1. So by the same token if you know of a pharmacy student who might qualify and be interested please suggest that they apply! Information can be found at: https://www.papharmacists.com/page/SIGNCPA

This year at NCPA, we will be honoring Pennsylvania's own David Smith, the out going NCPA President and wouldn't that be really nice to have students see that! Plus I hope you are planning to attend.

So while I have several requests in this email:

1. Promote the grant program to students
2. Attend NCPA to support Dave Smith
3. This is really urgent - please email me and volunteer to review any applications we receive!

Pat Epple, CEO
Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association