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Wilkes Pharmacy Students Spark Petition Against Pharmaceutical Price Gouging

As part of Foundations of Pharmacy Practice Class, a group of P1 students took on a project addressing pharmaceutical price gouging. This problem, which revolves around drug companies "hiking" their list prices far above their cost to develop and manufacture is a major problem. As a result, many patients are forced to make difficult, if not impossible, decisions about their health care. In effort to address this problem, six P1 students began petitioning for federal legislation that will identify and outlaw price gouging in the pharmaceutical industry. More information and the opportunity to sign the petition can be found at the link below.

Thank you!

Frank Hutterer, Courtney McCowan, Stephanie Rarig, , Anthony Stambone, Stephen Trbuza and Cole Walters

Link to the petition: https://www.change.org/p/wilkes-university-pharmacy-students-team-4b-implement-legislation-to-identify-and-outlaw-price-gouging-in-the-pharmaceutical-industry