Wilkes University


Kappa Psi Dodge ball Tournament

Kappa Psi will be hosting a dodgeball tournament Sunday 4/2 at 5pm in UCOM. There are no exams the following week for any class so there should be no interference with school! Teams of 6 will sign up using the sign up genius below. Entrance fee is $5 a person ($30 a team) and the money could be given to Antonia Gobo (P1), Michael DiMaggio (P2), or Shane Daugherty (P3) by Wednesday 3/29. If you do not have a full team of 6 I encourage you to still sign up because you can add players later. Gift cards from Dunkin Donuts and Gerry's pizza will be awarded to the first and second place winners. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Dr. Thomas' annual backpack project. If you have any questions, please reach out to Michael DiMaggio at michael.dimaggio@wilkes.edu