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Help the KY flock get to Florida!

Kappa Psi will be hosting a flamingo flock fundraiser in order to help with the costs of going to the Grand Council Convention that will take place this summer in Naples, Florida. With this fundraiser tickets can be purchased to send a flock of plastic lawn flamingos to another professor or staff member's office. We understand that having a flock of plastic flamingos in your office may not be ideal and therefore we are asking for permission from anyone willing to participate. We are asking that anyone willing to have their office flocked send an email to antonia.gobo@wilkes.edu or meghan.muretta@wilkes.edu saying they would like to participate as soon as possible.

Flocking will begin on April 10th and continue until no later than April 21st. Below is a list of anticipated questions and answers. Any additional questions can be answered by Antonia Gobo, antonia.gobo@wilkes.edu, or Meg Muretta, meghan.muretta@wilkes.edu.

Help the KY flock get to Florida!

What is it? A professor or group of students can get together and buy a ticket for a flock of flamingos to be placed in a professor's or staff member's office. The flamingos are plastic lawn flamingos.

How many Flamingos are in a flock and what is the cost of sending a flock? We are using a flock of 10 flamingos. The cost of a flock is $15. We will not put an unreasonable amount of flamingos in any office.

How do I get rid of the flamingos? You can either purchase a ticket to flock another staff member and we will come in and remove them or just contact us to let us know to come and get them.

How long will the flamingos stay? A maximum of 48 hours. If you want them out earlier just contact a member of Kappa Psi and we will do our best to remove the flock as soon as possible.

Can I buy a ticket to send a flock on or after April 10th (when the flocking has already begun)? Yes, a flock can be purchased throughout anytime of the fundraiser. Anyone who changes their mind and would like to participate can email us at anytime.

Can students participate? Yes, a group of students can buy a flock. All flamingos that are purchased by students for a professor/staff member will be placed in the office at one time.