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Pharmacy Care Lab Teaching Assistants Wanted

PCL Teaching Assistant Job Summary

The Nesbitt School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy practice invites applications for three part-time positions of Teaching Assistant (TA) in PHA 401 Pharmacy Care Lab II and PHA 402 Pharmacy Care Lab III. The TA will be assigned to one section of the Care Lab for the duration of the semester. The part-time appointment is approximately 6 hours per week (3 hours of laboratory assistance and 3 hours of preparation/grading). The TA will support the PCL faculty by providing assistance in preparing laboratory materials, facilitating laboratory activities, assist in grading materials and providing other teaching and learning activities. The position will require a half-day summer orientation and periodic meetings with the Director of Pharmacy Care Labs and PCL faculty to discuss various teaching and learning topics.

PCL Teaching Assistant Salary Teaching assistants will be compensated at a rate of $12 per hour spent in lab and preparing/grading materials. Teaching assistants will be required to log hours worked using the University TimeTrak System.

PCL Teaching Assistant Responsibilities:

1. When appropriate, TAs should participate in activities requiring intellectual and judgmental skills relative to the delivery of content covered in the laboratory and/or in those activities related to student assessment.

2. TA duties may include clerical activities such as preparing, duplicating and/or distributing laboratory materials and/or student assessments, including preparation or correction of PowerPoint presentations.

3. TAs may give formal lectures in laboratory (usually limited to no more than one-quarter of material in a given laboratory, and with close faculty guidance and supervision)

4. TAs may help to prepare, and/or facilitate, small-group activities or other active learning exercises.

5. TAs are expected to do grading in an unbiased manner, and to follow FERPA guidelines (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) regarding confidentiality of information on student performance.

6. TAs are expected to be punctual, courteous, friendly, and to maintain confidentiality and show no favoritism.

7. In order to avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest or preferential treatment, it is expected that TAs will not have close personal relationships (dating) with students in courses for which they serve as assistants. In the event a TA develops a relationship with a student or if the TA has any questions or issues related to relationships with subordinates, they should consult with the Director of Pharmacy Care Labs.

8. TAs may be asked to perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Pharmacy Care Labs.

PCL Teaching Assistant Required Qualifications:

Interested applicants must be currently enrolled in the University as a third year professional Doctor of Pharmacy Student who is in good academic standing and demonstrated exemplary performance in PHA 401 and 402. Qualified candidates will have a demonstrated capacity to multi-task and meet deadlines. Experience in a teaching capacity is desirable, but not required. PCL Teaching Assistant Application Procedure Interested applicants are asked to submit a curriculum vitae and a cover letter expressing their interest in the position and their qualifications to the Director of Pharmacy Care Labs (jonathan.ference@wilkes.edu). An interview (skype or face-to-face) will be required. The TA positions will remain open until filled.