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Geisinger Medical School Looking for Male Volunteers!

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine located in Scranton is seeking individuals to help students learn and practice essential clinical skills in a safe learning environment. We are seeking healthy males that are willing to sit for male genital and prostate exams for the educational experience of students.
Pay Rate - $200 (taxes will be deducted) per one hour session*
The exams will be held the morning of February 14th and February 23rd
*Sessions typically consist of ½ hour with instructor and student as well as a ½ hour wait time
The exams are done for educational purposes only and are not a replacement for an actual physical exam or checkup by a physician. There will be a licensed Clinician overseeing all exams.
Geisinger Commonwealth's Clinical Skills & Simulation Center is a professional and educational environment and all activities that take place in the center are done so safely and respectfully.
If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at...
Geisinger Commonwealth's
Clinical Skills & Simulation Center
Melissa Sanko