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Nesbitt Pharmacy Launches Independent Pharmacy Owner Concentration (IPOC)

The University Faculty recently approved a new pharmacy concentration with an emphasis on independent ownership. The purpose of the Independent Pharmacy Ownership Concentration (IPOC) is to help prepare students interested in owning and/or operating an independent pharmacy. It is anticipated the IPOC would also better prepare students who are interested in pursuing community pharmacy residency training. Wilkes is the first Pharmacy School to offer such concentration.

Wilkes U Pharmacy Alums
Sonya Mylet PharmD ’07, left, and Jessica Ashford Orloski PharmD ’10 chose community pharmacy for their career path when they became co-owners of Crestwood Pharmacy in Mountain Top, Pa. 
Photo by Curtis Salonick

The IPOC was created from an idea identified by P1 students in the Fall of 2016 as a means to increase the visibility of independent ownerships as a viable career options. Through the spring of 2016 and the fall of 2017 various faculty, students and local pharmacy owners refined the program to its present form.

The curricular requirements in the IPOC are fairly modest. There are two foundational courses (accounting and management), which can be taken any time prior to P3 year (including pre-pharmacy). These two course will count as professional electives. PHA 536 and 545 are also required. One final elective is required. During the P3 year, students will be paired with an pharmacy owner-mentor to create a business plan. In the last year of the program, students will complete an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) at an independently owned pharmacy. All students take an APPE in community/retail pharmacy so the only difference is that the IPOC requires it be in an independent pharmacy.

An outline of the curricular plan is below. Current P1 students would be eligible to enter the IPOC curriculum but would likely need to take the accounting and management course this summer. Interested students should discuss with their advisors. Questions should be directed to jennifer.malinowski@wilkes.edu


Independent Pharmacy Partners
Bedwick's Pharmacy Wilkes -Barre
Brundage's Waymart Pharmacy Waymart
Fino's Pharmacy Dallas
Family Pharmacy Duryea
Hartzell's Pharmacy Catasauqua
Medicine Shoppe #1251 Dallas
Sheehan's Pharmacy Plains
Crestwood Pharmacy Mountain Top
Medicap Pharmacy Olyphant
Medicine Shoppe #1530 Luzerne
Gatti Pharmacy Indiana

Any time Prior to Fall P3 Semester (including pre-pharmacy, may transfer in equivalent coursework)

P2 Fall Semester

P3 Fall Semester

P2 or P3 Year

  • Any appropriate Pharmacy Elective • 2-3 Credits

Spring P2 through Fall P3

  • Business Plan Competition 2 • 0 Credits

P4 Academic Year

  • APPE in an Independent Pharmacy

1These courses can be credited towards students' required elective professional courses for graduation regardless of concentration completion status. Recommended to be completed during pre-pharmacy and/or summers in the pharmacy program. May also count toward business minor. Students may earn the IPOC and a business minor concurrently.

2Students would be required to be members of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA) and the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA). In the fall of the P3 year students will present their business plan in a campus-wide competition. Winners of the competition will compete at the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association and/or the NCPA meeting (January P4 year). Students are encouraged to attend at least one professional meeting.