Wilkes University


Looking for Patient Care SD-IPPE Hours?

Are you looking for an easy way to accomplish super consistent, patient-care SD-IPPE hours? Look no further! From January until March, I will be conducting research on the effect of compounded topical pain creams as alternatives to oral opioids. It will be done through short, 5-minute phone calls to patients who have had a compounded topical pain cream for 7-10 days. There is a short script with a handful of questions that will garner information on their experience and aid in the research. The answers received from patients will go into an Excel sheet and then be analyzed after March! Overall, one student can accumulate about 1-2 hours of patient-care SD-IPPE hours per week. Dr. Malinowski has already approved this moving forward, so all you would have to do is complete a short training session either over email or over the phone with me! I am looking for roughly 2-3 students, so if you are interested and would also like to receive acknowledgement for your help, please reach out to me ASAP, as January isn't far away!