Wilkes University


PQA/CVS Scholars Program

Cody Morcom & Alexandra Grudeski (Allie) were accepted into the PQA/CVS Health Foundations Scholars program!!

Congratulations to Cody Morcom and Alexandra Grudeski on being accepted into the PQA/CVS Health Foundations Scholars program!!

Cody will be studying:

The Effect of Topical Pain Creams: An Alternative to Oral Opioids! I'll be working with Dr. Carlie Traylor (From Georgia at Chancy Drug) and assessing her patients' responses to a pain questionnaire that will assess how much of an effect that pain creams (Voltaren, Lidocaine, etc.) have on a patient's health and well-being! This will hopefully lead to additional evidence to suggest an alternative to oral opioids.

Allie will be studying:

Allie will be working one-on-one with her pharmacy supervisor, Ellie O'Dea on a project called "Combatting the Opioid Epidemic - The Power of Naloxone within Pharmacies" within the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. The project is centered around breaking the stereotypical thoughts around Naloxone and having pharmacy personnel offering it to patients on opioid medications as a safeguard. They will be measuring the progress by seeing how many Naloxone prescriptions are filled when counseling and pamphlets on Naloxone are offered versus when it is not conversed to our patients in an open manner. Their hopes are that this area will experience less overdose related deaths due to opioid medications in NEPA.

Great work Cody & Allie!