Wilkes University


Faculty, Alumni and Students rock at the annual meeting of AACP!

The annual meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) was held in Nashville TN in July. Many Wilkes Pharmacy Family presented and the meeting.

pic 1

Drs. Malinowski, Olenak, and Bommareddy presented the School Poster entitled Capturing and Assessing Student Initiated Co-curricular Activities to Enhance Advisor Guidance. (Jimmy just wanted to be in the picture).

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Dr. Ference and past faculty member Dr. Adam Welch presented the poster "Using PCOA: Experiences from two early adopter schools"

Picture 3

Jimmy Steigerwalt and Dr. Bommareddy present their poster "Alpha-Santalol inhibits migration of breast cancer cells by targeting beta-catenin pathway". Co-authors were Karryn Crisamore, Sarah Brozena, Terra Landis and Dr. VanWert.

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Dr. Steve Kheloussi presented the poster he co-authored with Dr. Longyhore entitled "Peer of Instructor Feedback in Preparation for End-of-Semester Performance – Based Testing"

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Alex Shreiber (PharmD, 2017) was a 2017 Walmart Scholar Recipient! His faculty mentor was Dr. Tom Franko. (Dr. Foote came for the free food and photo op).

Pic 6

Dr. Malinowski and Student Pharmacist Demi Rissmiller present "Trailblazing the Path to the Identification of High Use Health Care Consumers"

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Dr. Kheloussi was part of a three-part team that presented the program entitled " Integrating Managed Care Principles into Pharmacy Curricula: A Critical Need in Today's Healthcare Environment". He was clearly the best!

Pic 8

Dr. Malinowski presented her poster " Value – Driven Pharmacy Student – Led Rapid Cycle Process Engagement in Experiential and Didactic Settings".

Pic 9

Drs. Foote and Kim Ference presented a session entitled "Assessing Team-Work in Pharmacy Education Using a Secure, Web-Based Platform: The CATME System".

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Dr. Malinowski was a 2017 recipient of AACP Teaching Innovation Award. Here she is presenting on her project "Value – Driven Pharmacy Student – Led Rapid Cycle Process Engagement in Experiential and Didactic Settings". Linda Thomas, MD and Terry Lacey, RN were co-recipients.