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Greetings P4s! Interview 101, Mock Showcase and Etiquette Dinner

Greetings P4s!

Hope APPEs are going well!

This year we are piloting an enhanced professional preparatory program to help you all prepare for post graduation. We are very excited to present exciting events which include Interview 101, Mock Showcase and our amazing Etiquette Dinner.
These programs are open to all P4s and will provide preparation information for jobs, residencies and fellowships!

Attached you will find a flyer with details to dates of all of the amazing programs. Below is a google form where we encourage you to sign up so we can plan accordingly for the events. More information will be provided as we near each program.


The first event will be an introductory event where we will answer any questions you may have regarding residency, fellowships, community jobs, industry jobs, academia jobs, etc. This event will happen on September 30th at 5pm! If you are out of town, we will provide a link for you to stream or telephone in to the session.
If you have any questions, please let me know. The faculty are here to provide any support we can as you transition towards post-graduation success!

PGP Flyer