Wilkes University


Wilkes Success at 2016 PPA Annual Conference!

Wilkes had an incredible attendance and many successes at this year's Annual PPA Conference! The conference was held from September 22-25 in King of Prussia. Our PPA chapter had more students and faculty present than any other pharmacy school at the conference. With more than 50 people representing Wilkes, great attention and deserving recognition were directed towards our pharmacy program. Here are some of the highlights from the conference:The Wilkes PPA group was awarded 2 out of the 3 student chapter awards, claiming both the "Government Relations and Advocacy Award" and the "Membership Development Award."Holly Margiotti and Shane Daugherty represented Wilkes in the Achieving Independent Competition and had a spectacular performance!The Wilkes PPA chapter also presented a $200 contribution to PharmPAC in order to support legislative efforts benefiting our profession. Students made valuable connections and lifelong memories at the conference, and the excitement amongst our group continues to grow as we begin looking towards the PPA Mid-Year Conference in January. Thank you to everyone for your support and for your dedication to our profession!