Wilkes University


Course Conflict Form for Academic Year IPPEs 16-17

Regarding Scheduling for Academic Year 16-17: P2 and P3 students will be scheduled for IPPEs on Monday morning, Wednesday (morning, or into the afternoon in spring, for IPPE II) or Friday morning in the Fall and/or Spring semester. If you need to take a non-pharmacy course on MWF mornings during Fall OR you anticipate that possibility for SPRING, Mrs. Holt-Macey and Mrs. Powers must be notified in writing (SEE ATTACHED FORM to be signed by you and your advisor) so that you can be scheduled for IPPE in the opposing semester. If they are not notified by the deadline and you are scheduled for IPPE which conflicts, your IPPE will not be rescheduled. Remember, Fall AND anticipated Spring issues should be reported now.

Course Conflict Form for IPPE for full academic year