Wilkes University


Spanish concentration sdippe requirement reminder

Attention P3 students and other pharmacy student interested in declaring the Spanish Concentration for Pharmacy Students: Please email Dr Malinowski if you are a P3 student that is declaring the Spanish Concentration by 4/1/16. Note that students can earn a Spanish major or minor with the concentration as it is a unique credential. Students must have 4 hours of sdippe serving the Spanish community (total from P1-03). For the second year, Wilkes is collaborating with Walmart to offer a Health Fair specifically targeted to the Hispanic population. If you are interested in the concentration but do not have the sdippe hours yet, please email dr Malinowski no later than 3/15/16 to discuss potential dates and times. Any questions on the above or the Spanish concentration, feel free to reach out to Dr Bianco (didactic courses) or Dr Malinowski (sdippe).