Wilkes University


Congratulations to Drs. K. Ference and Manning

Congratulations to Drs. Kim Ference and Dana Manning on their promotions to Associate Professor! The promotions, which are effective June 1st, are a reflection of the high quality teaching and scholarship that both these faculty members bring to Wilkes.

Dr. Kim Ference join the Department of Pharmacy Practice in 2008 as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Ference is a graduate of Wilkes University School of Pharmacy and prior to returning to Wilkes she was Assistant Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Ference maintains a clinical practice at the Volunteers in Medicine. She also teaches in Foundations of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacy Care Lab. Dr. Ference serves as faculty advisor to the University chapter of PPA and in 2013 was named Pharmacist of the Year by PPA.

Dr. Manning was also awarded tenure! Dr. Manning joined the faculty in 2008. Dr. Manning graduated with a BS in nutritional science from Cornell University and, prior to becoming a pharmacist, practiced as a clinical registered dietician at United Health Services Hospitals in Binghamton. Dr. Manning maintains a practice in internal medicine at the Regional Hospital in Scranton. As a registered dietician (RD), she is uniquely qualified to teach pharmacy students in this area as well. In 2015, Dr. Manning was voted teacher of the year by the P3 class.

Both Dr. Ference and Manning have really nice (and proud) families.

All the best to our new Associate Professors!

Dr. Kim Ference