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2016 APhA Happenings

2016 APhA Happenings

• "Implementation of Medication Therapy Management Services for Chronic Care Managed Medicare Patients"

   3/5/16 1230-230 (presenters Kassi Bugg, P4 and Julia Nguyen, P3, Dr Malinowski, PharmD) Baltimore Convention

   Center Hall EFG POSTER #386

• "Meet the Researchers" session. "An Evaluation of Successful Point-of-Care Testing Implementation by Community

   Pharmacists in    Pennsylvania", POSTER #273. 3/5/16, 12:30pm-2:30pm (Presenter Dr. Olenak, PharmD)

• "Patient Care Service" Pearls Session 3/6/16 330-530 Convention Center Room 337/338 (Presenter

    Dr. Malinowski, PharmD, et al)

• "Managed Joint and Bone Diseases: Insights from Complex Cases", 3/7/16 Convention Center Room 336

   (Presenters Dr. Longyhore, PharmD, and Dr. Beth Resman-Targoff, PharmD, University of Oklahoma College

    of Pharmacy)