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United States Public Health Service (PHS) Pharmacist Opportunities

The Commissioned Corps of the United States Public Health Service has opened, or will open, the active duty application process for the following categories/positions:

Current openings: Pharmacist category: open July 1-29, 2016
Candidates will be screened for agency need.

Current Continuous Openings:
Physician, Dentist, Optometry, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant (with Certification of Added Qualification (CAQ) in Psychiatry), prior JRCOSTEPs, former Corps officers, and Interservice Transfers for clinical disciplines with no more than eight (8) years of active duty service.

Please note that all applicants must meet the following requirements on or before the opening date, including, but not limited to:
• Hold a current and unrestricted valid licensure, registration, and/or certification (as applicable)
• Be a U.S. native or naturalized citizen
• Be less than 44 years of age (this may be adjusted based on eligible federal PHS civil service and uniform service active duty time)*
• Have less than eight years of prior active duty service in any uniformed service other than the Commissioned Corps*
• Meet suitability, professional, medical and security requirements
• Hold a qualifying degree

*The process to become a Commissioned Corps officer may take up to a year. Candidates who exceed the age, prior service, or civil service maximums during the application process should be aware that waivers are not generally approved.

In addition, applicants must agree to apply and accept positions with the specific agencies that hold a specific need. If applicable, this will be discussed during the preliminary screening process, and candidates will be screened for agency need. The Commissioned Corps of the USPHS opens general duty application opportunities based on the needs of the Service and the needs of Federal agencies.
Upcoming opportunities will be updated continually throughout the year. Please contact the Call Center at 1-800-279-1605 between 0900 and 1600 EDT to begin the application process or to inquire regarding further details. Candidates may also direct any questions to corpsrecruitment@hhs.gov. Also, please monitor the following link for application updates:http://usphs.gov/apply/apply.aspx

**Let your voice be heard through "JO Voice."
Please send your comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions to us, at phs.joag@gmail.com.

The current JO Voice discussion topic is: Continuing Education/Long-term Training Opportunities

All responses to inquiries received will be compiled and distributed via the JOAG listserv; highlights will be discussed during the August 12th JOAG General Member Meeting (all inquiries will remain anonymous).

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LCDR Lindsay Hatch
JOAG Executive Secretary