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Title: Interested in a Career in Public Health? Check this out!

Students with an interest in the United States Public Health Service, should check out PHS public site: http://www.usphs.gov/ . In addition, the PharmPAC has a Pharmacy Student Listserv (https://dcp.psc.gov/osg/pharmacy/listserv.aspx) where students can sign up to receive information regarding PHS items. Interested students are welcome to sign up for the Job Vacancy Listserv or the Pharmacy Student Listserv.

1. There is an open listserv for pharmacy students named "PHS-RX-STUDENTS".

Simply follow on-screen directions to register.
2. In addition, the USPHS Pharmacy Category has a listserv where job vacancies are circulated.

3. Also follow the PHS us on social media!
@usphspharmacy | "U.S. Public Health Service Pharmacists" | usphspharmacy

PHS Contact:

Susan E. Polifko, PharmD
Commander, U.S. Public Health Service
White Oak
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Building 75, Room 4504
Silver Spring, MD 20903
(p) 240.402.8753
E-mail: susan.polifko@fda.hhs.gov