Wilkes University


Interested in learning about pharmaceutical industry?

Pharmacists have a variety of career paths from clinical to retail to insurance, but we are only exposed to a portion of these in school. The pharmaceutical industry is a very large potential source of jobs and provides many different opportunities than what we have learned about so far. A number of students are attempting to start a Wilkes chapter of IPhO (Industry Pharmacists Organization) to bring light to another area of pharmacy practice. The organization will provide exciting opportunities for students such as internship openings, networking, guest speakers, and other events geared towards a career in industry pharmacy. An exciting event that the students plan to attend is the Fellowship Information and Networking Day at Rutger's University on November 16th. Pharmacies schools from all over send students to this event every year, but this will be the first time Wilkes students will be in attendance. More information about the event can be found at http://pharmafellows.rutgers.edu/resources/FINDflyer.pdf. If you have interest in attending this event, or in joining the efforts to make a Wilkes Chapter of IPhO a reality, please contact Luke Zack at luke.zack@wilkes.edu.