Wilkes University


Happy American Pharmacists Month!!

Happy American Pharmacists Month! Today, October 1st, the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) is sponsoring their 3rd annual national Tweet-a-thon. Tweet about how you have helped a patient or what you have learned in class that will help you help a patient and end the post with #pharmacist. You can post on Facebook and Instagram too! Last year, pharmacists and student pharmacists posted over 11,000 tweets. Let's see what kind of impact the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy can make this year! #pharmacist #APhM2015 #WilkesU Example tweets: -Prevented a patient from taking too much insulin because of a typo on a prescription #pharmacist -Learned how to educate patients on proper inhaler technique in class today #pharmacist -Gave a new grandpa pertussis vaccine! #pharmacist -Calling local senior center to plan a brown bag event. One step closer to helping people take better control of their health#pharmacist -Happy to be able to get my flu shot from my local #Pharmacist!