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Questions About Midyear? IPhO National Fellows Council Answers!

Dear Student Pharmacist, The Midyear is approaching fast! As a service to IPhO Student National Members, the National Fellows Council is collecting your questions and answering them here on the website! Are interviewers made aware of what other fellowships you are applying to via PPS, or is this question asked during interviews? If you don't click with one preceptor/fellow pair for one position at a reception, will that affect your chances of making a good impression with another fellow/preceptor pair (different position or not) at that company? Is it appropriate to offer my business card to a fellow/preceptor interviewer after an interview or reception? Or is that too aggressive/unprofessional by any means? How long after you request an interview on PPS do you receive a reply? Can you estimate the time you should stay at a reception if you plan on attending multiple? For the Rutgers fellowship program, do I submit my letter of interest following the midyear? If so, when is the appropriate time to submit the letter of interest? Is it necessary for women to wear suits at interviews or is it ok for women to wear other business professional attire (not a jacket)? I have a brief phone call interview scheduled, and I'm not sure what to expect. What's the purpose of phone call interviews? To view answers from current Fellows, visit here: http://www.industrypharmacist.org/pd.php Sincerely, IPhO National Fellows Council If you are interested in joining IPhO but would like to know more, contact Luke Zack at luke.zack@wilkes.edu.