Wilkes University


ACCP Clinical Research Challenge/Competition

ACCP is pleased to announce a new competition, the Clinical Research Challenge. This novel competition is targeted towards pharmacy students pursuing their first professional pharmacy degree and graduating in 2018 or 2019 (program years one and two for most schools). Critically evaluating and applying primary literature is an essential skill for clinical pharmacists. Research and scholarship contributes to improved health outcomes for patients and advancements in the profession of clinical pharmacy. This innovative and unique competition offers teams of three pharmacy students to participate in an online journal club and the chance to submit a clinical research proposal. Plan now to participate in 2016. http://www.accp.com/stunet/crc/index.aspx Please contact Dr. Longyhore (daniel.longyhore@wilkes.edu) if you would like to participate. You may submit your name individually or as part of a team.