Wilkes University


It's Residency Match time!

Hello P4s!

My best to all of you with the time remaining in your academic degree. It's block 7 already! For many of you, you are deciding on which direction to go post graduation. Regardless of your path, I truly wish you all the best with your pursuits. Please keep us posted on your progress, and let us know how we can help along the way. For those of you pursuing a residency, the rest of this information pertains to you.

First of all, I wanted to wish you all good luck! We are hoping for good news from all of you soon. A few things:

#1 When you successfully match, e-mail me and Mrs. Tina Koerber (tina.koerber@wilkes.edu)! We keep tabs on graduates and where you are in your residencies, so if you can pass along the results, I would appreciate it.

#2 In the very unlikely event that you do not get matched (actually, annually, about 1/3 of candidates do NOT match), DO NOT GIVE UP! You can still secure an excellent residency! In anticipation for the possible need, below is some scramble guidance for you. It is certainly not all-inclusive, but it may be helpful for you should you need to navigate the scramble process. Please review this guide while you await Match results so that you are ready to go if need be. Here is the timeline from NatMatch: 3/6/15 Match rankings are due. Please remember that the Match system is a contract, so DO NOT rank programs where you would not like to go. 3/20/15 Match results are sent to programs and applicants. The PhORCAS Post Match Process is available for those programs and applicants who did not match and are participating in the post match process. Applicants can access PhORCAS after 12 noon EDT and see participating programs and can update information in PhORCAS and request references. 3/23/15 Applicants who are applying for positions post match can begin to e-submit in PhORCAS after 12 noon EDT. 3/30/15 All programs participating in the post match process have been asked to refrain from making offers until 3/30/15 to give all parties involved time to review their options.

Below is a link to a guidance document for more information: http://www.ashp.org/DocLibrary/Accreditation/Post-Match-Process-Information-for-Applicants.pdf In the past, this could be a crazy event, as sites and participants were trying to match as quickly as possible. This new process is an attempt to allow more time for applications to be submitted and processed, hopefully to make the scramble more fair. It's a good idea, though the 23th will be somewhat crazy anyway. The better you are prepared, the better off it will go. Please, please, please... reach out to us and let us help. Myself and other faculty members here at Wilkes would be happy to assist you along the way. So, with all that, I do wish you all the best on a successful Match!

Dr. Metka