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P1-P3's SD IPPE Opportunity

SD IPPE Opportunity

P1's – P3's

Contact: Dr. Franko

This experience would involve presenting health information at the Little Theater of Wilkes-Barre. The information must be relevant to the plot of the current production, which is "The Crucible." Considered one of the greatest pieces of American drama, this 1953 story, by Arthur Miller, focuses on the Salem Witch Trials and uses them as an allegory to the Red Scare in the US Government in the 1950's. Links to information about the show and its characters are included. If interested, please watch the videos provided and inform Dr. Franko of what topic you would like to present and how it relates to the show. Presentation dates are listed below, please arrive 1 hour prior to curtain. You would have to create a poster and corresponding handout to be presented in the lobby of the Little Theater of Wilkes-Barre. You will be permitted to see the show for FREE! You can earn 3 hours for the preparation (watching the clips/putting everything together) and presentation. This is your chance to be creative and expressive!! 3 slots are open for each show. Contact Dr. Franko at thomas.franko@wilkes.edu if interested.

Saturday January 17 @ 8pm (opening night reception follows...so you can get food)
Sunday January 18 @ 3pm (the president of the Arthur Miller Society of America will be present)
Friday January 23 @ 8pm
Saturday January 24 @ 8pm
Sunday January 25 @ 3pm