Wilkes University


AMCP's First Annual Adherence Competition

Wilkes University School of Pharmacy Request for Proposals (RFP) Medication Adherence


The Wilkes Chapter of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy would like to support and foster ideas to make advances in the ever-challenging area of adherence. Through this competition students will creatively look at the gap between what is currently happening and what should be happening to meet the highest optimal standard of care. Over 50% of people are non-adherent to their medications, which leads to more money being spent on hospitalizations and further treatments.

Target Audience for intervention: Current patient populations who take three or more medications and/or health care professionals who are managing disease states.

Goals: Create a program or message to increase medication adherence. Examples include but are not limited to advertisements, commercials, brown bag events, increasing access to care, or reward based programs through office/school programs.

• Improve prevention and risk management

• Better identification of high risk patients

• Improving and enhancing case finding in primary care

• Improve intelligence, monitoring, and research and support commissioning

Letter of Intent Submission Guidance (Due by Friday, February 13th at 5pm):

Should include: Names of group members and email addresses, and class status General Idea of proposal (One paragraph)

Proposal Guidelines (Due by Friday, March 13th at 5pm)

Main Section

A. Title

B. Introduction

a. Provide a 1 paragraph introduction to the problem of non-adherence and any specifics you feel are needed to justify the reason for your proposed intervention (include references as needed)

b. Briefly state the overall goal of the intervention

C. Design and Methods

a. Define your study population (i.e. who your proposal be targeting)

b. Describe the planned intervention and how it addresses the current need

c. Provide an estimate of the number of patients/providers your intervention intends to include

d. List any barriers to medication adherence

D. Innovation

a. Explain how your idea is different and unique to other programs or materials already created

b. Or describe how this builds upon existing programs or materials

E. Outcomes

a. Explain how you will determine the impact of your intervention (e.g. a survey to patients, a pre or post test, etc)

F. Proposed Project Timeline

G. Budget

a. Explain the breakdown of cost needed to fulfill your program

H. Members involved- not to exceed 5 people

a. May be of any P1-P4 status (could also include pre-pharmacy students)

I. Reference (not included in page count)

Evaluation: Proposals will be heavily ranked on creativity and practicality by a team of faculty evaluators and will be scored independently. Award: Up to $200 will be awarded to the winner(s) of this RFP for implementation of the proposal submitted Questions?

Please contact Samantha.Blincoe@wilkes.edu!