Wilkes University


Walgreens Scholarship Opportunities

There are two different scholarship opportunities available for students who qualify. Please read the information below to determine if you meet the criteria and the process to be considered for the scholarship.

Walgreens Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship is designated to be awarded to a student who represents a diverse group or underrepresented minority. The student must be in good academic standing, have an interest in community pharmacy, and not have been a prior recipient of this scholarship. Students who meet this criteria should submit a one page essay to Ms. Atiyeh by March 6th. A student does not need a nomination to apply for this scholarship.

Walgreens Diversity & Inclusion Excellence Scholarship

Students interested in being considered for this scholarship must be faculty nominated. Please approach your advisor, faculty member, or professional staff member if you feel you are a good candidate to be nominated. Your faculty nomination must be in by February 13th. The criteria include: that the student must embrace diversity and promote diversity and inclusion awareness initiatives on campus, be in good academic standing, not have been a previous recipient of the Walgreens Diversity Scholarship, and preference is given to a current Walgreens employee. Students who are nominated will be contacted to submit an essay explaining how they have made significant efforts towards raising awareness or playing an active role in educating other about diversity and inclusion related matters impacting the pharmacy profession. Students who are nominated will be contacted directly with the due date of the essay.