Wilkes University


Nesbitt Cup Individual and Team Winners

PLS is proud to announce this year's Nesbitt Cup Individual and Team Winners. The winning team for the Nesbitt Cup is Dr. Malinowski's P2 Team which consists of Krista Bower, Elizabeth Bracco, Christopher Bright, Amanda Gerberich, Sarah Hassinger, Nadia Kazimi, David Lalla, Emily McGrath, Julia Nguyen, Ashley Robold, Nicholas Stauffer, and Luke Zack. They logged a total of 338 hours and will be receiving a trophy with all their names engraved on it! The individual winner for the Nesbitt Cup is P1, Christy Taylor who logged a total of 147 hours! She will be receiving a free pharmacy reference for a year. We would like to thank the winners and every one who logged hours this year. It is great to give back to the community and we hope students continue community service events next year.