Wilkes University


Spanish Concentration for Pharmacy Student eligibility

Dear P4 students: This is a friendly reminder to verify your eligibility for the "Spanish Concentration for Pharmacy" prior to the due date of the diploma order form later this month. The concentration should be declared on the form as you would a minor or major. Students obtaining a major or minor in Spanish are also eligible for the concentration if they meet the criteria. Required courses and experiences include: SP 204 – Intermediate Spanish II, SP 205 – Spanish Conversation, SP 211 – Conversational Spanish for Health and Social Services, PHA 560 – Self-Directed IPPE. Must have at least 4 out of 20 hours of service in Spanish-speaking community between the P1-P3 years. PLUS study abroad experience in Spain. Any questions, please reach out to Dr. Malinowski or Dr. Bianco.