Wilkes University


Wilkes Herbarium Added to International Registry

The Rosenthal Herbarium at Wilkes University, a collection of over 3,300 specimens of pressed and preserved plants, has been added to the database of Index Herbariorum, a global directory of herbaria. The searchable online registry allows scientists rapid access to data related to millions of botanical specimens and where they are permanently housed.

"Being included in the index is significant for Wilkes because of renewed scientific interest in collections as repositories of biodiversity and their historical and present value," said Kenneth Klemow, director and curator of the Rosenthal Herbarium. "Information about herbaria and the plants that they contain are the subject of digitization efforts and cutting-edge DNA analyses. Now Wilkes will be among the resources available to scientists around the globe."

First created in 1982, the herbarium contains specimens that include seedless vascular plants, conifers, and angiosperms. Though the majority of the samples are from Pennsylvania, the collection also includes specimens from adjoining states, as well as Florida, Texas, California and Canada. The specimens are used in biology courses and include contributions from students and faculty. Plants contributed by dozens of alumni are also housed within the collection.

The Rosenthal Herbarium is located in room 323 of the Cohen Science Center. Wilkes University's profile on the Index Herbariorum can be found here