Wilkes University


Wilkes University Presented 2017 Multicultural Awards

The Center for Global Education and Diversity at Wilkes University recently presented its 2017 multicultural awards.

The awards included: 

Global Scholar and Citizen Award

Nancy Ramirez and Shana Noon received this 2017 award. It is presented to a student who demonstrates significant contributions toward raising international awareness at Wilkes through involvement in campus and community activities promoting cross-cultural awareness. 

Diversity and Inclusion Student Award

Sarah Birchmeier and Santana Velez were this year’s winners. The award is given to a student who has contributed to improving the diversity climate.

Executive Diversity Award

Ken Wang, assistant professor of finance at the Jay Sidhu School of Business and Leadership, received this award for contributing to improving the diversity climate.

Diversity Faculty Award

Diane Wenger, associate professor/co-chair of global history and languages, received the 2017 award for being a faculty member who helped improve the diversity climate.

Diversity Staff Award

A staff member who has contributed to improving the diversity climate. The winner was Chanel Greene.

D.I.V.E. Award

This year’s certificate was received by Ymari Williams, Amina Mustafa, Jacqueline Castro, Freddy Del Rosario, Summer Rivera, Ashley Rosa, Zyaire Crowder and Megan McGovern. These are students who have shown commitment to enhancing multiculturalism and inclusion on the Wilkes campus and community.

multicultural award winners

Wilkes University multicultural award recipients are pictured left to right, front row, Megan McGovern, Nancy Ramirez and Shana Noon. Left to right, back row, Zyaire Crowder, Jacqueline Castro, Ashley Rosa, Santana Velez, Ymari Williams, Summer Rivera, Chanel Greene and Dr. Diane Wenger.