Wilkes University


Elementary School Students Enjoy Adventures in Science on April 28 at Wilkes University

Two-hundred and fifty Berwick Area fifth graders will make scientific discoveries when Wilkes University hosts Adventures in Science 2017 on Friday, April 28, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students, escorted by a designated Wilkes team leader and their regular teacher, will have the opportunity to attend five of 13 different science labs, which will run for 25 minutes on the half hour.

 All labs are held in rooms in the Lawrence and Sally Cohen Science Center, 140 S. River Street, and the Stark Learning Center, 150-180 S. River St.

Students will experience presentations, activities and discussions on topics including climate, water quality and geoscience career opportunities. Participants will get the chance to check out the labs in the Cohen Science Center as well as have lunch with current students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Some of the science labs that begin every half hour are:

  • CSI: Students will solve a crime scene investigation. The students will use the power of observation and technology in order to solve crimes. The students will get fingerprints to form suspects and look at fibers and hairs in order to find out who is guilty. Location: Lawrence and Sally Cohen Science Center, Room 202
  • Wizards of Physics: Students will have fun by wielding the powers of gravity, electricity and magnetism to understand and master these fundamental forces. Location: Stark Learning Center, Room 149
  • The Pitcher of Doom: Students will learn about movements that plants make in response to various stimuli. They will experiment with sensitive and carnivorous plants while learning about the structural uniqueness of these plants, their habitat and how they digest bugs. Location: Lawrence and Sally Cohen Science Center, Room 223
  • Jar Test: A jar test is used to determine the effectiveness of a coagulant dose in drinking water treatment. Students will participate in running a jar test to evaluate how the addition of different water quality conditions affect the effectiveness of drinking water treatment. Location: Lawrence and Sally Cohen Science Center, Room 123
  • Creepy Crawlers: Students will learn about arthropods and explore their exoskeleton, molting process and jointed appendages. They will also conduct experiments using pill bugs to find which type of food or habitat they prefer. Another experiment will explore how much weight a large beetle can pull when it is getting to a food source. Location: Lawrence and Sally Cohen Science Center, Room 204