Wilkes University


Poetry In Transit 2016 Launches With Aug. 19 Event

Poetry In Transit, an award-winning community program, announces the 2016 contributing poets whose work will be featured on Luzerne County Transportation Authority (LCTA) buses. The poems stay up for one year, with a monthly rotation so that riders can see all poems over time. The theme for the 2016 program is Flood, which is reflected in the selected poems. 

The launch of Poetry In Transit will be Friday, August 19 at 5 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble Wilkes-Kings Bookstore on the Public Square in Wilkes-Barre. The public is welcome to come and celebrate as the 2016 contributing poets share their work. Mischelle Anthony, Wilkes University associate professor of English, continues to coordinate the program, which began in 2007. This is the program’s tenth year.

2016 Contributing Poets and Their Featured Poems:

  • Jason Klus, Kingston, Kingston – “Grandpa’s Agnes”
  • Brian LeeMoon, Wilkes-Barre – “Flood and love”
  • Robert Kehler, Hazle Township – untitled poem
  • Lia Sminkey, Laurel Run – “Sorry”
  • Victoria Rendina, Larksville – “June, 2006”
  • J.P. Dubik, Beaumont– “Flood of memories”
  • Jacob Hebda, Dallas – “waterline”
  • Sara Pisak, Sugar Loaf – “Saturated”
  • Therese Roughsedge, King’s College– “An Aching Drift”
  • Maddy Brozusky, Mountain Top– “The Floods”
  • Harold Jenkins, Nanticoke – “After The Flood”
  • Mary K. Hooker, Wilkes-Barre – “The Flood”
  • Amanda Modrovsky, Mountain Top – untitled poem
  • Paula Andrews, Dallas– untitled poem
  • Sarah Gyle, Wilkes-Barre; Molly McMullen, Mahoney City; Stephanie, Wilkes-Barre—“Levee, 1973”

Poetry in Transit is inspired by the rejuvenated Poetry In Motion on New York's Transit System and on London’s Poems on the Underground program. The Luzerne County project began in 2007 with 12 placards featuring the work of established and canonized poets such as Wordsworth, Dickinson and Frost. The work of local poets was introduced to the project in 2008.