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Dr. Lori Verderame of Discovery Channel’s Auction Kings Offers Antiques Appraisal Aug. 25 at Wilkes University

Award-winning TV personality and star antiques appraiser Dr. Lori Verderame will be at Wilkes University for a one-evening class to tell you if your prized possessions hold more than sentimental value.
Verderame, who appears on the Discovery Channel hit TV reality show Auction Kings,  will host the event on Thursday, Aug. 25 from 6-8 p.m. in Breiseth Hall, Room 107. The fee for the program is $30. Advance registration is required. Each participant will receive appraisals on two items brought to the class.
Dr. Lori, as she is known,  shares insider information about antiques at www.DrLoriV.com and to 9.5 million readers through her internationally syndicated column featured in 406 newspapers worldwide and on her blog for Lifetime Television.
After years teaching in university classrooms and working as a museum director, Dr. Lori was inspired to start appraising antiques after an unexpected encounter with a 75- year-old woman. "This woman told me her story. She had recently sold an historic George Washington document for $50 that was worth $50,000! She said she needed the $50 to pay her electric bill. When I met her, I thought, this woman could be my mother--anyone could make that mistake." 
Dr. Lori says, "That woman's mistake inspired me to share my education and expertise. So, I do just that presenting over 150 antique appraisal shows and appraising 20,000 objects that audiences bring me to review every year."
For more information or to register, please contact the Wilkes University Center for Continued Learning at (570) 408-5615 or visit our webpage at www.wilkes.edu/continuedlearning.