Wilkes University


Order of the Engineer Ceremony at Wilkes University

Wilkes University and the Keystone Northeast Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society for Professional Engineers conducted the Order of the Engineer ceremony, inducting 55 Wilkes senior engineering majors into the order on April 3, 2016. 

The students will receive Bachelor of Science degrees in electrical engineering, environmental engineering or mechanical engineering at the University’s spring commencement ceremony. As part of the ceremony, graduating engineers are presented with a stainless steel ring that serves as a symbol of membership.  The order emphasizes ethics in engineering projects and the partnership and teamwork required by engineers in the profession. 

Professional participants in the ceremony included members of the Keystone Northeast Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers: Walter Poplawski, Brian Palmiter, Christopher Hetro, Eric Tappert, and Mary Hudson. Also participating were Wilkes University faculty member Holly Frederick, assistant professor of environmental engineering and earth science,  and William Hudson, dean of the University’s College of Science and Engineering. The event was celebrated with a reception prior to the ceremony courtesy of the Wilkes University College of Science and Engineering.

The Keynote Speaker was Harve Hnatiuk, a vice-president of Maida Engineering, Inc. and immediate past president of the National Society of Professional Engineers, who discussed the advantages of professional licensure for engineers and the advantages that licensing can offer the students.  The ceremony has been a tradition at Wilkes since 2008.