Wilkes University


Wilkes University Communication Studies Professor Speaks at National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House

Wilkes University students experienced the words of leaders in the women’s suffrage movement on a trip to the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House in Rochester, N.Y. Students accompanied Wilkes Communication Studies Professor Jane Elmes-Crahall on Sept. 29 when she spoke at the Monday Lecture Series at the museum. Through the use of performance oratory, Elmes-Crahall presented the words of Susan B. Anthony, Anna Howard Shaw and Carrie Chapman Catt, emulating the famous suffragists in her presentation. Elmes-Crahall spoke twice at the museum – first at the noon lecture series and at a 2 p.m. tea.

It is the second time that Elmes-Crahall has been invited to speak about suffragists in a major forum. In August 2000, Elmes-Crahall spoke at Chautauqua Institution on “Creating a Civil Space: Revolutionary Suffragists Take to the Platform at Chautauqua.” She adapted that presentation for her appearance in Rochester. In her presentation, Elmes-Crahall also explained how she acquired original materials -- including letters, newspaper articles and more – from the basement of the Chautauqua Institution Library.