Wilkes University

Graduate and Doctoral Financial Aid and Scholarships

To defray the cost of graduate education Wilkes offers a variety of financial aid opportunities.

MBA Scholarships

Graduate programs are divided into two grade levels. The first 15 credits are considered grade level six; the remainder of the program is grade level seven.

To continue to participate in loan programs, you must successfully complete a specific number of credits based on your enrollment status and maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

To maintain full-time status, you must carry at least nine graduate credits per semester. The half-time minimum is six credits.

A graduate student is a student who has been officially accepted as a candidate in a graduate degree program.

The statements within these Financial Aid pages are for the purpose of information. The University reserves the right to change any provisions or requirements, including award programs and rates, at any time.

Wilkes University admits and awards financial aid to students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin without regard to age, sex or handicap.

Company Reimbursement and Tuition Deferment

For students who receive tuition reimbursement from their employer, tuition deferment is an available payment option. Tuition deferment requires that payment be received by Wilkes University no later than 30 days after a course ends.

Requests for deferment must be submitted prior to the start of each semester.Click here for the employer deferment form. Deferment applies only to the amount the employer will reimburse on tuition. It does not include fees, room and board, books or other charges unless otherwise noted by your employer. These charges must be remitted as required by Wilkes.

If a reimbursement check is not received 30 days after the conclusion of a course, the student is personally responsible for payment. Students with unpaid, past-due balances will be placed on financial hold, which will not allow course registration for the next semester, mailing of grades/official transcripts, and diplomas.  Clearance forms cannot be signed until all outstanding account balances are paid in full.


Graduate students applying for any type of financial aid including but not limited to: loans and scholarships should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Click here to go to the FAFSA website.

In addition to completing your electronic FAFSA application, please email onestopAZ@wilkes.edu indicating:
1. That you are registered for 6 or more credits and the start dates for your classes.
2. That you have successfully completed the FAFSA
3. The amount of financial aid you are applying for.
This is especially important if you are not interested in the maximum amount of Stafford Loans.

This extra step will guarantee proper processing of your financial aid. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Student Services at (570) 408-2000 Option 1.

For the Stafford Loan, a Master Promissory Note is also required.

Several federal loan programs are available to graduate students.
While each has its unique characteristics, there are some standardized features that apply to all of the following loans.

In order to qualify, a student must be:
1. Accepted as a degree candidate;
2. A U.S. citizen or permanent resident;
3. Enrolled on at least a half-time basis in eligible graduate-level courses at financial aid approved locations;
4. In good academic standing according to the academic progress standard set for receipt of federal aid.

The Federal Direct unsubsidized Stafford Student Loan:
in that you must pay interest on the loan while enrolled. This loan is primarily for those who do not qualify for sufficient funds under the subsidized Stafford Student Loan.

You are expected to make quarterly interest payments throughout your enrollment period. Repayment of the principal begins six months after you are no longer enrolled at least half time. The repayment period may extend up to 10 years.

The maximum unsubsidized Stafford Loan limit for graduate level students is $20,500. The total Stafford Loan limit per year for graduate students is $20,500 or less within the cost of attendance.

The Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan:
The federal government will make the loan available for graduate and professional students. It was previously only available to parents of undergraduate students.

We strongly encourage students to consider this Graduate PLUS Loan program when looking for additional funding beyond the Stafford Loans. You may wish to use the Graduate PLUS Loan in place of a private, alternative loan. First time borrowers of the Graduate Plus loan are now required to complete entrance counseling.