Wilkes University


Application Process

A: You may apply, however, the master's degree must be "in hand" before the Ed.D. Semester begins.

A: Yes, this is a separate program from the Master of Science programs offered by Wilkes. Transcripts must be official, unopened and sent directly from the applicant to the Wilkes Student Service Center. If you need a Wilkes transcript, you can request transcripts free of charge because they are issued "in house." Please e-mail james.chiavacci@wilkes.edu and we will order those for you. Indicate your name, WIN number, years of attendance, and levels: undergraduate or graduate.

A: You can submit an original scholarly or professional project, product, report, or paper. Your selection should evidence leadership and scholarship in your field. It can be professional or academic work. Your abstract must clearly explain, in two to three paragraphs, how the contents of the submission reflects your potential for leadership in education and scholarship at the doctoral level. The submission and abstract are important components of conditional admission to help faculty evaluate your background in terms of scholarship and leadership to identify areas of strength and areas where you may need additional support.

A: The Wilkes web site includes information about Graduate Financial Aid.

Program Operations

A: To accommodate working professionals, classes are offered online with limited campus visits. Three residencies are held throughout the course of the program with virtual class sessions and online learning. 

A: The doctoral program is prescriptive in terms of course offerings and schedules to maintain the strength of the cohort in the program. Faculty understand that students are adult learners with many professional and personal responsibilities and work with students during times of extreme circumstances to offer guidance and support whenever possible.

A: The coursework is planned to be completed in years by taking an average of 18 credits of coursework each academic year (excluding any transfer credits). Students then have up to 4 more years, if needed, to complete their dissertation research. Continuous enrollment is required during fall and spring semesters.

A: After coursework is complete, doctoral students are required to register for dissertation credits to fulfill their individual dissertation research requirements under the advisement of their dissertation committee chair with three billable credits of ED 698 Dissertation Proposal each semester (fall and spring) until its defense and approval. Student then registers for three billable credits of ED 699 Dissertation each semester (fall and spring) until it is completed and successfully defended. Students are awarded graduate credit for ED 698 and ED 699 after successful defenses of the proposal and the final dissertation.

A: Students will be notified in writing as to their status for conditional admittance into the program. All accepted students are conditionally admitted until passing the Doctoral Qualifying Examination, which is taken after successful completion of nine credits of leadership core courses and three credits of an introductory research course.

A: The Doctoral Student Handbook will be distributed during a program orientation, whether online or in person. This handbook contains detailed information on program requirements and procedures. An explanation of academic requirements, the academic integrity policy, remote library resources, and the course management system will be demonstrated.