Wilkes University

BBA in Sports Management

The sports management program at Wilkes University teaches students how to become successful leaders and marketers in the world of sports.

A degree in Sports Management from Wilkes University is uniquely designed for students interested in business careers involving sporting events, concerts, event planning and theatrical productions.

As a student in the program you will learn to work collaboratively to tackle challenges; assess, collect, analyze and apply data effectively and efficiently; and develop ways to meet organizational goals and deadlines while leveraging assets for marketing, resources and programming.

As sports have evolved into an integral part of the American culture, the operations of sport programs have become more sophisticated and complex. Managers of sport programs and sport/recreational facilities must become familiar with the intricacies of sport/recreational activities and be effective as business professionals.

Internship Opportunities

Students in the Sports Management major are required to complete an internship in entities that include an athletics department, local theater, sports team or in an events planning role at a company. Coupled with small classes and strong programmatic emphasis on mentoring, internships give Wilkes students an edge in competing for jobs with potential employers. As a private, non-profit school of our size, we can help secure internships specific to your field of study.


The degree in Sports Management can help prepare students for careers in:

  • managing athletic and performing arts facilities,
  • sports medicine
  • coaching
  • directing athletics
  • event planning and communications.

Personal and Professional Development

The Personal and Professional Development series, unique to Wilkes Sidhu School students, will engage you in a process of discovery and development. You'll explore knowledge, values, learning styles and competencies as you lead by doing. After learning about yourself and finding your strengths and weaknesses, the class will explore professional skills that can add to your career development. These courses include resume writing and interview skills and also include practical advice on email correspondence, social events with coworkers, and other situations young professionals often find themselves facing.


The Jay S. Sidhu School of Business and Leadership is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs