Wilkes University

2000 Senior Class Gift

For its Senior Class Gift, the Class of 2000 made a presentation that will allow them to grow with the campus forever. Total, class members raised $8,600 for Seeds of the Century, doubling all previous campaigns.

Chairman Jeff Reichl '00 and the Senior Class Gift Committee selected an arboretum project: a place where an extensive variety of woody plants are cultivated for scientific, educational, and ornamental purposes. Upon completion, the arboretum will be a visible reminder of the seeds this class planted through relationships, ideas, and investment in the Senior Class Gift Project.

This analogous theme represents the seedling trees for the physical arboretum and the new ideas and processes that developed while at Wilkes. The arboretum project will be located at the former Church Hall site, which served as the bookstore location for many years. A plaque will accompany the arboretum project listing everyone who contributed to the Senior Class Gift Project.

The Class of 2000 also buried a time capsule in the ground at the site of the flagpole on the Fenner Quadrangle. It contains letters and memorabilia from their four years at Wilkes and will be opened at their 50th class reunion with the theme Did your seeds grow?.