Wilkes University

Parents Campaign

You're asking me to give to the Parents Campaign? (Yes.) 
(Surprised?) We thought you might be!

Do you know many parents gave to Wilkes last year?. They weren’t kidding. Why? Because they know Wilkes depends on gifts to keep it one of the best universities around. Parents, alumni, and friends gave $1 million last year. You might wonder what we do with that money. (We spend it.) It’s used for things mundane and extraordinary that make a daily difference in our students’ educational experiences. Things the university could never provide if it had to rely soley on tuition to cover those costs. How much do we want you to give? As much as you can comfortably give. Some parents give $5, others give $1,000. When families do what they can, the results — and dollars — make a huge difference to our students. The fact that you give — not how much — is a resounding vote of confidence in our mission. We need your support. (Really.) Give to the Parents Campaign this year and ensure that we can provide the best for our students. (You already sent them to the best school.)

Thank you. (No kidding!)

Parents Campaign
84 West South Street
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18766