Wilkes University


Do you have someone you would like to honor?

Perhaps someone in your family - your mother, your father - or a friend has helped you become the person you are.

Endowed scholarships and other endowments honor individuals or groups by establishing a fund that grows over time. The interest generated is used for scholarships for worthy students or to retain the best and brightest faculty.

Endowed scholarships as well as other endowment opportunities give philanthropists a chance to honor someone and help Wilkes University students in many ways. An endowed scholarship offers immediate financial assistance to current students and provides future giving options for other donors, while honoring the person(s) for whom the scholarship was established. A minimum gift of $35,000 establishes an endowed scholarship. This gift can be payable over a period of five years. The scholarship will be awarded when the book value reaches $35,000 by December 31 of the previous year. The principal is invested by Wilkes University and the interest earned provides the scholarship revenue.

An annual scholarship is established for a minimum of a $2,500 gift. Annual scholarships can be awarded one time only or can be renewed for as many years as the donor wishes.

For information on establishing a scholarship, please contact:

Luciana C. Musto M'10
(570) 408-4155