Wilkes University


A pledge is a promise to pay your charitable gift at a future date. Pledges paid by May 31 with a check, credit card or securities as described in the Gifts of Cash and Publicly Traded Securities section will count for the current fiscal year.

You can also spread out pledge payments with an installment plan. To set up a monthly, quarterly or semiannual plan, go to The Colonel Connection. For further information about pledges or installment gifts, please contact Margaret Steele, Director of Major Gifts & College Development, 570-408-4302, margaret.steele@wilkes.edu.

Donors wishing to make a leadership annual gift or name a facility have the option of structuring a pledge that can be fulfilled in payments over three to five years. For further information on making a leadership gift, contact Sue Jolley, Director of Special Gifts at 570-408-7832 or by e-mail at susan.jolley@wilkes.edu.