Wilkes University

How your gift makes a difference

Give to WilkesApril Bielinski is majoring in communication studies with a concentration in public relations. Aside from a minor in business administration, she is also a Resident Assistant, a correspondent for the student run newspaper, “The Beacon,” and a board member for Wilkes’ student-run PR Firm, Zebra Communications.

An active student on campus, this junior would not have had the opportunity to attend Wilkes if it weren’t for the generosity of its donors. Thanks to financial aid, April is looking forward to spending her spring break in the Dominican Republic as part of the Alternative Spring Break Program. There she will be donating her time to help out at a local orphanage.
April knows these opportunities would not be possible without the help of past alumni.

“It is generous donors like you that make it possible for me and other students to receive the high quality education available here at Wilkes.”

She hopes that students will continue to have the opportunities she’s had with the help of future donors.

“Your gift really does make a difference. We are extremely grateful for your support. “

Sara Cosgrove is a communication studies major at Wilkes University and a proud Dean’s List student. Currently in her sophomore year, Sara is involved in a variety of clubs around the Wilkes campus. Not only is Sara a news correspondent for the student-run television show, Wilkes World, she’s also utilizing her writing skills as a correspondent for “The Beacon.”

This winter break, she’ll have the chance to travel to London to take a history class, a learning opportunity
she wouldn’t have had without the generosity of Wilkes donors.
“Your gift is greatly appreciated and beneficial to students like me. I hope you will continue donating to the Wilkes Fund, because my fellow students and I are very grateful for your support!”
Sara considers herself privileged to have experienced so much and is grateful to the contributions made to the Wilkes Fund.

As a nursing student at Wilkes, Alyssa Seiden was naturally concerned about how much school would cost her. After all, aside from the expenses of tuition and room and board, she has uniforms, stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs to purchase, as well as related medical equipment.

Financial help, however, allowed Alyssa to pay for school.

“It is generous donors like you that make it possible for me and other students to attend Wilkes and receive the excellence of a Wilkes education.”

Now, the sophomore nursing student is working her way toward her dream of becoming a Registered Nurse.

Brianna Edgar is a sophomore psychology major with minors in both neuroscience and sociology. Brianna might not be attending Wilkes University if not for the generous donations that have assisted in providing her with financial aid.

“It’s donors like yourself who make it possible for students like me to attend Wilkes and receive the excellence of a Wilkes’ education.”

Whether she’s playing volleyball or taking part in the psychology club, she’s thankful to have this chance to receive an education from Wilkes. 

Chelsey Schoch is a freshman psychology major at Wilkes University. Without the help of gifts to the Wilkes Fund, Chelsey may never have made her way to Wilkes University.  Those gifts were a big part of her attending Wilkes.

“Last year I had to make the tough decision of where to go to college.  For me, though, it wasn't so tough...I knew I wanted to attend Wilkes.  However, money was a problem for me, and I would never have been able to afford it on my own.”

Chelsey remembers what financial assistance meant to her and looks forward to future students having the same chance to succeed.